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How To Tell If You Need To Get New Car or Truck Tires?

how to tell if you need to get new car or truck tires

The tires are the one thing on our car, truck, or SUV that we do not really ever think about, until there’s a failure. Still, there may be some hidden problems ready to appear even if the tires look normal. Getting new tires can boost your gas mileage, improve performance (specifically in emergency situations), improve dependability, and lessen the risk of damage caused by a flat tire. If you have concerns about replacing your tires too quickly, we can help advise you about the risk/reward of not replacing tires in time.

What Is The Benefit of Replacing Your Car’s Tires?

The most concerning potential hazard of not replacing your tires is the reduced safety of your vehicle. Shabby tires could lengthen stopping distances and diminish traction in dangerous situations. The next time a vehicle pulls out in front of you it may take even longer to stop and be harder to dodge. Even though you may not face a dangerous situation, the frustration of having to change a flat is an experience most of us would like to avoid. As an alternative, the advantage of changing fatigued tires is that it’ll take less space to stop in crisis situations and you’ll have improved maneuverability to miss such conditions. Plus, you won’t need to get your hands nasty changing a flat tire on the highway.

How to Tell When Tires Need to be Replaced?

It is vital to understand when you should replace your tires. There are two easy methods to figure out when it is time to change your current tires. The initial method is figuring out the age of your tires. If the tires are more than six years old then you need to replace them. The second method in figuring out if you need to change your tires is measuring the tread depth. The acknowledged minimum safe tread depth is 2/32 inches. If it has gotten to that measurement, you ought to change your tires.

tread depth: how to gauge it

How to Measure Tread Depth?

But how do I find out my tread depth? There are specially designed gauges that will figure out exactly how much tread depth there is. Those gauges are perfect if you must know the specific depth, but if you only want to figure out if you should change your tires all you need is a penny. Rotate the penny so Abraham Lincoln’s head is facing down and put it inside the tread. If Abraham Lincoln’s head is the same as the tread then you need to start thinking about replacing.

how long can i keep my tires?

How Many Months Are Tires Good For?

If your tires are six years old (or older), then you need to change them, even if they appear to have lots of tread left. Exposure to the sun, heat, and other factors can make the tire to decay over time. When your tire begins to break down it will be more prone to develop blow outs and/or leaks. Warning signs of your tires disintegrating are color fading, brittleness, and tire cracks. If you see any of these examples you may want to replace your tires as soon as possible.

a tire blew out, now what are my options?

What To Do After a Blowout?

Following a blowout you might want to just replace the tire that broke down. Depending on your vehicle and the tread still on the other tires it may be required that you change out 2 or maybe even all 4 tires and that’s normal. If the tread depth between your tires are not equal it can cause irregular tire wear and excess friction on the drivetrain. It’s suggested that when you are replacing a tire that you also change out its counterpart on the other side of the vehicle. Switch both back tires or front tires, never just one tire alone. The one exception to this rule is AWD cars. All four tires must be replaced to ensure the system functions accurately.

Honda online car buying Rosenberg  TX

Honda Tire Replacement In Rosenberg TX

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