Buy or Lease a Honda in Rosenberg Texas


To Lease or Buy From Gillman Honda Fort Bend

Congratulations on selecting Gillman Honda Fort Bend for your next car shopping and we welcome you to our awesome Honda dealership in Rosenberg, TX. Before you meet one of our sales experts to take your car-purchase journey forward, we have an important question for you: have you ever considered selecting Honda leasing instead of buying? And what if that Honda leasing deal doesn’t require you put a huge down payment and gives you a flexibility to swap out of the plan at the term-end? Doesn’t this sound interesting? In that case, it’s time for you to select between leasing vs buying to take your new Honda car home.

Here we’ve a comparison table showing how leasing can significantly vary from buying.

Down Payment When you lease with us, the upfront cost for your new car is always lesser than a car-loan payment when you buy. In contrast, buying requires you to put a high down payment upfront, and which includes monthly fee with interests and taxes.
Vehicle-Ownership Leasing doesn’t make you a car owner. However, you can always select a brand-new car when you extend your lease after the term-end. After the car loan is paid off, you own your new or pre-owned car.
Monthly Payment The monthly payment for your car leasing is generally smaller than a car-purchase. That’s because lease payments are only towards the vehicle depreciation value. The monthly payment of an auto loan is generally higher than a leasing. This is because you pay the full price for the vehicle.
Mileage Limit Each car Leasing deal comes with mileage limits. You pay extra fee when you cross that limit. When you buy a car, there is no agreement and no mileage limit
Repair Cost Your Gillman Honda Fort Bend leasing includes warranty maintenance that covers most maintenance and repair costs. When you buy a car, you pay for the maintenance, service and repair costs.
Term-End Car leasing is a long-term car renting contract. If you happen to end the lease early, expect to pay early-termination fees. And, no vehicle customizations at any time. Car-purchase means no contract. Enjoy vehicle customization just the way you please, and there is no term-end.

Are you a Honda keeper or trader?

  • No, I like changing cars every 3-5 years. In that case, you’ll benefit more from our Honda leasing.
  • Yes, I am a car-keeper and love to have it for 5 years or more. You’re definitely a car-buying candidate.

What is your commuting pattern?

  • Short-distance commuter, and yearly mileage ranges between 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Then, you will benefit from Honda leasing.
  • Long-distance commuter, and yearly mileage limit is more than 15,000 miles a year. Then, you may want to buy your car.

Do you love customized add-ons on your vehicle?

  • No, I like my Honda car as it is. Then, Honda leasing is your best choice.
  • Yes, I love personalizing my vehicle. Then, buy your Honda car and modify it just the way you want.

What’s your car payment preference?

  • I love small monthly payments and no long-term loan commitment. In that case, Honda leasing is your best option.
  • I don’t mind paying a down payment or recurring monthly payments to acquire my new Honda car. Then you will benefit from a car-purchase.

Do you prefer services and maintenance included in warranty?

  • Yes, I want a warranty package that includes services and maintenance costs. At Gillman Honda Fort Bend, we offer awesome lease deals on cars and SUVs with a number of exclusive benefits and warranty covering most repair and service costs.
  • No, I am okay to pay for my vehicle servicing and maintenance. Then, car-purchase will best suit your financial situation.

At our premier Gillman Honda Fort Bend dealership, you will find all modern Honda cars: new and used, including latest crossovers, sedans, utility vehicles and minivans. Whether you need a new hatchback or a pre-owned minivan, we have everything to fulfill your car-shopping needs. And, we welcome you to bring all types of finance question to our auto-expert team so that we can assist you in selecting between car financing vs leasing. Call us at (832) 361-3804 or stop by our dealership at 26029 Southwest Fwy, Rosenberg, TX 77471 for more details.

Buy or Lease a Honda in Rosenberg Texas? | Gillman Honda Fort Bend26029 Southwest Fwy, Rosenberg, TX 77471

Customer Reviews

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Google Sep 17, 2019

I had forgotten about the oil change plan I bought when I got the car. Adam checked for me when I arrived. I’ll admit, it was kind of embarrassing that I had this and forgot. All went great and I left without getting my wallet out.

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Google Sep 11, 2019

I took my car in for a repair and was amazed. Erik in service took great care of us! He is was very polite, knowledgeable and always available when we called! Thank you Erick for dementrating excellent customer service! Our repairs were finished sooner than expected which was also great. Thanks for making this whole process a breeze :)!

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Google Sep 5, 2019

AMAZING CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE! Luis is the guy who helped me and my mom come to a final purchase for my honda accord! Thanks to his business mindset, he was able to attract our attention and bring us into the dealership! They will work with your budget and make sure you dont leave with unanswered questions! Thank you GILMAN HONDA for all your great services!!!

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DealerRater logo
DealerRater Sep 3, 2019

I purchased a new 2016 Honda Pilot from Gillman Honda of Fort Bend. Since I purchased it, I have had all service done at this location. Frank Canales is my service representative. I always enjoy working with Frank. He has been very helpful in getting the maintenance done in a timely manner and is always very open and up front with the cost of the repairs. Kudos to Frank.

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Google Sep 3, 2019

I always receive great service every time I go. Frank canales from service is always so helpful as I always say he deserves a raise!! I wouldn’t take my business else where. Thank you honda!

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Google Sep 3, 2019

Frank Canales from the service department is great. He always makes sure I am taken care of and follows up to ensure I was satisfied.

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Google Sep 3, 2019

Great service!! Thank you Mr. Rodriguez for the honest service and for getting our repair covered.

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Google Aug 28, 2019

First time in service was ok. Second few times spectacular.

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Google Aug 19, 2019

First time coming here for service. I will be back to see Adam. He made my visit enjoyable.

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Google Aug 7, 2019

I was impressed with the gentlemen here in service. My car was in for about a week but all issues were resolved. Adam was easy to contact and answered all of the questions I had and explained in simple terms. I took my car to another one of the locations and they told me they would not be able to look at it for a while and did not offer another car to drive. Adams mechanic had found the problem in an hour and he put me in a very nice car to drive. Very convenient.

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